Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play?
You cannot play completely at the moment! Since we are still in development. Nevertheless a demo is available for you.

When will the game be released?
We can not say that at the moment, so please do not ask any more questions in the direction.

Please give us a release date!!!!!!111eleven yolo swag. I continue to annoy you anyway...

Why is this taking so long? I want to play NOW!
I can not fund my life through this project so working on this project in my spare time (as a hobby project). We are just a few people, so it takes time. Currently only a programmer. All other works are voluntary and without payment (graphics/testing/translation).

X weeks or months have passed, what's new?
Nothing. All changes are in the changelog or in social media (Facebook / YouTube)

What are you working on right now?
It always depends on what I have just got. If little time is a few trifles. At more time something more complex.

How can I help you?
You have a talent, then send us an email. We need graphic designers and programmers. Translators or moderators are still being searched. The more text and the more detailed the better.

I was not answered, what can I do?
Send your request in German OR English. Other languages are not supported! Some inquiries also regret a certain processing time.

When comes a new video?
If there were enough changes to the prototype that I can present to you.

What happens if you do not get the rights to the graphics?
Then Plan B comes into effect and we are looking for capable graphic designers to replace all graphics.

Will the game be like before?
Basically yes, it will be F2P (Free to Play) and you can invest money for credits. Also a highscore and similar is planned.

Which programming language do you use?
Java and the libGDX framework. The development environment is Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA.

Which platforms should be published?
Sheduled for Android and desktop PC (Windows, Linux and Mac).

Will there be boosters?

Do you have sponsors?
Currently not. If we need what because of the rights to the graphics and sounds, then we will look for some.

What are the donations to you?
First motivation ever to work constantly on the project. Otherwise, server and domain costs are paid for. After the release, each donor is rewarded with premium or similar.

Other languages, work on something different! Make the game workable!!11eleven
I have outsourced the language class and will make it accessible to some people. Then texts can be translated already times. Before release, I will publish it so that the community can translate it. So I do not have to work with it and for English without translation it is displayed.